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welcome to your true habitat

It is warm every day, and frequent rains soak the soil, allowing it to give forth abundant new plant life. Amongst these plants are hundreds of nourishing things to eat - Mangoes, avocados, pineapples, watermelons, figs, coconuts, papayas, greens, cabbages and more - along with a plethora of aromatic, therapeutic and medicinal plants that happily support the natural ebb and flow of one's vitality. Nobody needs eat products of violence and enslavement, and nobody is hungry.

Everybody lives together in a harmonious community. They share with one another their daily lives - whether it be bathing in the crystal clear waterfall pool, walking in the forest, prayer or meditation - understanding both the need for privacy and connection when each arise. They help one another with daily tasks and responsibilities such as fruit picking and child - rearing. Children are loved, and play together amongst the trees.

Nobody is sick; they are nourished with an abundance of clean plant food and spring water, along with healthy interaction and engagement with people, nature and God. Those that were once dis-eased may find gentle and complete healing here. The sun, fruit, foliage, water and Divine connection provides all physical, emotional and spiritual support one needs. Women birth their babies in the jungle, supported by their soul - sisters and their partners.

Love pervades every aspect of existence.

At the water's edge, a man cleanses a graze from a tree - climb in the turquoise waters of a tropical bay. The salts will softly heal the wound. Alongside him, his daughter plays in the shallows, picking up seaweed to eat with supper. They make the journey back before sunset. Palm trees sway in a gentle breeze.

...To be continued.

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