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Greetings! We're glad you found us. It is not by  accident that you have come across our website today. The universe has led you here for a reason.

If you've been feeling displaced in the concrete jungles oppressing you, alone in the ocean of people that surround you but don't understand you, repelled by the unnatural state of the world and attracted by an irresistible magnetism towards purity, nature, faith, God and the source of all things, then you are in the right place.

We are the Temple of the Eden Junglists (or just the Junglists; practice: Junglism), a group of revolutionary individuals who seek to return to God via nature by mindfully treading the logical path back to the Garden of Eden by transforming our daily lives into an act of nature - worship. Race, age, gender and sexuality do not matter to us - if you wish to develop a powerful connection to nature and the Divine, we welcome you.

Our name was inspired by the visions that our founder received with regards to the true nature of humankind, our true habitat, our transgressions and the whereabouts of the Lost Tribes of Israel. Although this pertains, of course, to the Biblical account of the Exodus, we are by no means an exclusively Jewish or Christian subset. In fact, it is the belief of the Eden Junglists that God is One - all religions are simply lamps through which the same Divine light shines, and people of all religious backgrounds and none are welcome to join us in our pursuit of our true nature.

Find our more about our religion by visiting the page Our Faith & Way of Life, or check out our interesting Education & Inspiration page for related resources and learning material.

Many Blessings!




What do we believe about God?
We believe in the existence of a loving God (you may also call him/her Vishnu, Allah, Krishna or Mother Earth) who provided us with everything we could ever need, and in our beginnings, placed us in a paradise on earth. Unfortunately, we sabotaged our own paradise through crimes against nature that we committed in times of old. God still has great influence over what happens in the world today, but just as His creation of the world was a process, so will be his undoing of the damage that we as a species have inflicted. As He knows that humankind cannot hope to prosper unless we return to a pre - transgression state, he is ever seeking to steer us back to the path of nature - to our Divine selves. Sometimes, his guidance may seem harsh or unfair, but when we successfully return to Divinity via nature, there will be no more suffering and we will experience only spiritual bliss.


What happens after you die?
We believe that those who attain spiritual enlightenment through the honing of compassion qualities and the respect for and surrender to Divine nature during this life will join God in heaven (also known as Vaikuntha, among many other names) when they leave their earthly body. Others who do not achieve total enlightenment will be reincarnated into another earthly body in which they can continue their pursuit of spiritual enlightenment. There are always second chances - even for those that society has condemned - and nobody ever goes to hell. Every person will be reincarnated into the form that God deems to be the most conducive to future self - realisation. For example, if you live a life of arrogance, it is possible that taking the form of a tiny insect may be a good way to teach you humility in your next life. People are encouraged not to do good because of the threat of hellfire, but to do good because it is right, and being good will not only bring goodness to the world but light to their own hearts.

What was the fall of mankind?
Nobody knows for sure, but we do know that early humans committed a crime against nature that threw them off the Divine path and caused them a great deal of pain and suffering. The eating of an animal or the cooking of food are the most likely actions that caused the 'fall of man'. God did not cast us from paradise for our transgression - Our original transgression resulted in the ruin of the Garden of Eden as it was, and put in motion endless more generations of crimes against nature - recent examples being the industrial and chemical revolutions. 

Will the messiah come?
A small, dispersed group of individuals with additional senses, heightened awareness and exceptional perception and rationale will awaken amongst the masses. Slowly but surely, they will spiritually, virtually and eventually physically convene in what will be the new Garden of Eden (Israel). Whether they are aware or unaware of the fact, these people are in fact the descendants of those with whom God is said to have made a covenant in the Bible - the Hebrews. Currently, they reside everywhere from NYC to Jerusalem, but particularly large populations have resided in certain tropical and temperate mountain ranges for thousands of years, perhaps as a subconscious symbol of their closeness with God. When these people (of whom perhaps you are one) convene in the new Garden of Eden, they will be the new humble stewards of this paradise on earth. When such a time occurs, it is possible that the rest of the world may receive a Messiah who will usher in a new age of peace and prosperity, granting the newly enlightened masses entry to Israel. We can only hope. 

What's the Junglist view on Muhammad, Jesus, Buddha and so on?
We view all significant figures throughout various religions, such as Jesus Christ, Muhammad, Buddha and so on as being legitimate spiritual prophets that can offer the spiritual seeker great wisdom and insight. We believe that the age of prosperity is yet to come, and that you can have a personal relationship with God and a direct experience of His energy - you don't need to go through a prophet or guru, even if you draw inspiration from one. Find out more about the interconnectedness of Vedic and Abrahamic worlds by visiting our page 'foundations & founder'.

What and where is Israel?
Israel is the name of the new Garden of Eden, in which the Eden Junglists and their spiritual brothers and sisters are yet to convene. The Eden Junglists reject the notion that Israel exists in the location of the current state of Israel, based on the fact that the Torah states that Israel would emerge on the brink of the new age of peace and prosperity, and would be a paradise on earth created by God. These times we are living in are neither peaceful nor prosperous, and as we know, the state of Israel was not created by God but by men. The current state is no stranger to violence and terror - hardly the Israel that God promised his people. The true Israel will be pristine, peaceful, beautiful, natural and pure, and it will not share the same geographical location as the current state of Israel or the lands of the patriarch.


What are the precepts?

The basic precepts are as follows:

1. Treat other people with kindness and compassion
Unless somebody is directly threatening or endangering you or your loved ones, you should behave amicably toward them. Debates are fine, but we must draw them to a close when personal attacks and spite ensue. Discrimination on the basis of gender, race or sexual orientation is unacceptable. Try to resolve conflict and discord in a non - violent manner.

2. Reject animal slaughter and exploitation
This means refraining from the use and consumption of meat, fish, dairy and eggs, along with products that have been tested on or that contain animals such as some cosmetics and medications. Exceptions can be made in the case of serious illness where the health is imminently threatened, and the use of a non - vegan medication is the only option. In place of meat, dairy and eggs, the diet can be filled with any selection of the impressive array of edible plants and fungi on offer - of which there are 20,000 or more to choose from. Honey is permitted if it is from an impeccably ethical and natural source.

3. Protect children from conception to adulthood
The Eden Junglists recognise the importance and Divinity of children at every stage of life, and firmly rejects abortion, aggressive parenting practices and the exclusion of children's valuable opinions and insight on all levels - spiritual, ethical and moral. Children are to be welcomed, valued and respected, irrespective of their age. With regards to abortion, exceptions can be made if the woman's life is in imminent danger due to health issues.

4. Do not knowingly allow foreign or synthetic substances to enter the body by any means; do not give consent for such treatment of your children, elderly relatives or other dependants
This means that, amongst many other things, processed food and smoking are to be avoided - as should manufactured recreational drugs (such as cocaine and heroin), and self - care products such as shampoo and soap that contain synthetic chemicals. 'Cleanliness is next to Godliness'! Keep the body, blood and mind clean.

5. In acknowledgement of the three major spiritual foundations of our time (Judeo - Christianity, Islam and Hinduism) - which are spiritually unified - one should observe cow protection, Halal and Kosher law.
This should come very easily to anybody who is vegan, as vegan food is automatically cow - friendly, Halal and Kosher. It is not a problem if one's food has been stored in the same fridge or cupboard as Haram or non - Kosher foods, however.

6. Do not spoil all the food with fire; leave some or all as God intended
Whilst we don't call for all food to be eaten raw, at least a portion of the food one eats each day should be eaten raw so as to absorb through it Divine energy (also known as Chi or Prana). A totally raw vegan lifestyle is ideal, but not essential.

7. Educate oneself on the topics of religion, spirituality, philosophy, medicine, healing and culture.
Knowledge truly is power. Use the power of your own mind to objectively analyse any information presented to you. Be wary of false information, bias and concealment of the truth. Shine your light on all that you survey, validate your instincts and intuition, and make independent decisions based on all factors.

8. Raise children (whether your own or those you influence) with the qualities of compassion, resilience, critical thought and mindfulness
...So that they may grow to be beings of integrity, creativity, truth and light.

9. Dedicate a daily activity to gratitude for God and nature's bounty
Ritual for ritual's sake is unimportant, but taking time each day to give thanks keeps us centred. Any activity can become a spiritual one - Whether it's your morning yoga practise, doing the dishes, painting a picture or eating dinner. During this time, focus on abundance and love, whether you currently perceive it or not.

10. Never forget your calling
We recognise the ultimate need to return to a time and place before transgressions; a new Garden of Eden (Israel). This is both a spiritual and a physical need. Whilst we may not be able to physically relocate to the pristine jungle that God has prepared for us at this time, we may be able to improve our current circumstances. Each week, consider what could be done to make your life more natural and pure. Meditation, yoga, mindfulness, barefoot walks in natural spaces, houseplants and organic food are all things that could help you to feel more connected to nature. Don't become too entangled in the mundane - the best in life is yet to come! Never forget your calling - if you are a Junglist, you have a very special mission and destiny to fulfil that will release a positive ripple effect for the whole of humanity and beyond. 

If you'd like to join the Junglists, please email

We await your connection...

Are the Junglists a cult?
No, we are an authentic and traditional earth religion that encompasses some of the values of mainstream religion as a means of unifying humanity. Our practises and tenets ensure that no harm can come to any Junglist as a result of being a part of the religion - in fact, that is the sole purpose of many of the precepts; to keep people as healthy, happy and safe as can possibly be. Any members who don't find that this religion is a good fit for them are free to leave whenever they wish. We do not tolerate discrimination on the basis of gender, religion, race, disability or social status. We stand against harmful cults and brainwashing, and encourage our members to think for themselves. We respectfully request to all that our religion be recognised as the true and legitimate faith that it is.

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