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the foundations

  Our faith is centred around our bond with nature and God, but the Temple of the Eden Junglists has a fascinating scriptural and visionary foundation that releases us from the current religious paradigm and opens our hearts and minds, enabling us to truly experience the Divine.

  We believe that the Vedas, the Bible and the Quran - along with countless other religious and spiritual texts, legends and stories - refer to the very same God. It is a generally accepted view that the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) share a God (the God of Abraham). But what of Eastern religions and tribal traditions?

  Whether recognised or not, we certainly believe that God is One; That almost all religious traditions speak of the very same God. Of course, the truth applies to all whether one is correct or not - You cannot change the status of God based on your beliefs. He is what He is, and is unchangeable. Some would have it that this renders the Vedas irrelevant, and that the Bible or Quran trump all other texts. Less commonly, the reverse claim is made (less commonly because Hindus are generally more accepting of Biblical figures such as Jesus than Jews, Christians and Muslims are of figures such as Ganesh and Lakshmi!).

  However, there is simply no need for this rivalry. If one opens the doors of possibility, studies, observes and releases oneself from the current religious paradigm, it becomes clear that almost all religious traditions run parallel and harmoniously to one another. Any inter-religious conflict is based on misunderstandings of one's own faith - not the actual conflict between religions. There is very little conflict between religions when one understands that they are simply lamps through which the one divine light shines. In fact, even religions that appear polytheistic (such as many Hindu paths) are only superficially so. Hindu religions are essentially monotheistic; they simply use different physical representations to demonstrate the infinite qualities of God.

  Yet we, the Junglists, take the concept of spiritual unity a step further. Rather than just accepting that we should treat others with acceptance and kindness, we actually recognise the intricate similarities that exist between major religious texts and traditions. We use the power of our minds to establish the path that the truth takes through the pages of the holy books, and what is used merely proverbially. We anchor ourselves on one side to the absolute truth that we know - that God can be found through nature and the attainment of our equilibrium through it - and with the other, we cast out what we know to be corruption from the holy books and myths. 

  In doing so, an entirely new scripture is born from the Divine ashes of the old paradigm. This authentic, restored spiritual guide is being worked on by our founder presently. 


our founder

  More information will be available about our founder here soon.

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